Monday, January 31, 2011

Ghana 2011

We thought that before we left we should introduce ourselves! Our group consists of 16 students:
Leigh Haworth
Jess Rego
Allie Hung
Natasha Giesbrecht
Claire Mennell
Jules Kemp
Katie Killingsworth
Sarah Mahon
Ashley Olson
Kelsey Marks
Sherri Mullins
Ashley Venera
Kelsey Roy
Melissa Fenrich
Maridel Constantino
Amber Schafer
...and of course our wonderful instructor, Mama Muriel.

We will be travelling throughout Ghana in groups of 4 and nursing in hospitals and communities. After months of preparation, planning, and excitement the day has finally come! We are currently sitting in the Vancouver airport anxiously awaiting our flight to Accra, Ghana! Sipping on some bellinis and enjoying the last few hours of high speed internet, clean bathrooms, and drinkable tap water.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The next group begins...

UBCO nursing students will be heading to Ghana in 2011!