Saturday, March 3, 2012

Miss/won't miss about Ghana!

After an amazing and life changing adventure to Ghana, Africa we have returned back home to Canada. Many of us had mixed feelings about the trip coming to an end. Some of us felt sad to go but at the same time were also very excited to get home to family & friends. Our group put together a list of things we will miss about Ghana and also the things we really will NOT miss, here’s what we came up with…

Something I will miss about Ghana…
• The wonderful, helpful people
• Sense of community
• Green turtle resort
• The friendliness of the people
• Being greeted on the street & saying “nah”
• Buying snacks at any time, even from the window of a bus
• The simplicity of the way they live
• How everyone says hello and good afternoon
• The people and how open and kind they were
• All the little kids waving at us
• Only being able to eat fried foods..
• Greeting everyone and feeling a sense of community
• The slower pace of life
• The lovely people! So kind & the cute babies on the backs of the women
• People’s willingness to help
• Doughballs!
• The vivid colours that always surround you such as the rust coloured dirt roads and the bright fabrics the people wear
• The heat!

Something I will NOT miss about Ghana...
• Snot rockets & open sewers
• Being hissed at to get your attention
• Marriage proposals
• Taking wet wipe “showers”
• The unreliable power
• Fufu, Banku, light soup
• Doing my own laundry
• White bread, white rice, crackers…white everything!
• Toilets not flushing
• Sweat moustaches
• Power outages
• Rice & chicken, Fufu
• Never feeling completely clean
• Female urinals!
• Hot, sweaty, crammed, uncomfortable tro-tro rides
• Atrociously bad soap operas that are played extremely loudly on the otherwise enjoyable STC bus rides
• The heat!