Saturday, January 14, 2012

From Accra to Cape Coast

Hi Everyone! We flew into Accra a few days ago and it feels like 2 weeks ago at this point. We're a bit jet lagged, and people who usually like to sleep until noon are getting up at 4 am so you can tell we are a bit out of sorts. Accra was a bustling city, and I think it was a good way to get our feet wet in Ghana. A few of our western amenities were still here and we got a good understanding of the things we'll have to stock up on before we go rural. The people have been really nice and welcoming and it was nice to spend a few days all together as a group before we head our separate ways. Some people we might not see until the end of the trip because of how we are set up in the villages. After Accra we took a bus trip to Cape Coast. We were stuck in traffic for 2 hours before we even left the city but this was a good wake up call for what we need in future bus trips in case we get stuck again. After we got in, we decided we'd like to spend an extra day here at Cape Coast. It's lush, and a lot cooler than Accra (and there is a pool at our hotel!) There are also crocodiles and fun birds and a live band. We had an amazing day today. We started off getting our favorite taxi driver, he played fantastic music and it just started the day with good vibes. We started off at the rain forest and it was nice because it was cool under all those tall trees. The rain forest has a canopy walk where you walk at the crown of the trees on these suspension bridges. I’m not scared of heights generally but I was terrified (especially after that bungee jumping incident in Zambia… google it!). It was wobbly but had a view like I’ve never seen so totally worth it!!! Pictures to come… After that we had lunch on the ocean and then visited the slave castle. It was scary, sad, suffocating and beautiful,  Tonight is Muriel's Birthday, so I better take off and celebrate it! -Lyndsay

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