Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Arriving In Tamale (Rachel, Michelle, Lyndsay and Ellen)

It took us two days to travel from Enchi to Tamale and we even managed to get onto a Yutong which is like a mini bus with air conditioning and no loud Nigerian soap operas blaring in the back ground. We were honestly in heaven as soon as we arrived in Tamale. Our instructor Muriel was like “what is wrong with you guys? It’s like you’re on cloud 9″ AND IT WAS. We were so grateful that Tamale had internet, and Indian food, great pizzas, hamburgers. We didn’t even know a land like this existed in all of Ghana. There’s a few new sounds to get used to. The morning prayer from the mosques at 4 am being one. These strange pale bats that make this repetitive bomb ticking down kind of sound would be the second.  (There are an unreal amount of bats that are in the trees at all times. They are huge and wethought bats were nocturnal!) The weather felt hotter but it was dry so we weren’t in a mask of sweat 24 hours a day. The girls let us know that they left a thermometer in the sun for the day and temps reached 45 degrees. yeowzaaa! Just another factoid: We (aka Lyndsay) realized that Ghanaian time would be relative, but did not know temperature could be relative. When we were in Enchi it was at least 37 degrees out and people were dressing in winter jackets and warm sweaters. We were like “so what’s with the sweaters??” and they laughed at us and replied with some statement about it being so cold and how they were awaiting the warm season. Apparently the clinic had also been less busy during the last few weeks because people were less inclined to visit the clinics in this “freezing” weather. All the while we are sporting sweat mustaches; the least flattering of all the mustaches.
Our first night back we were reunited with groups we hadn’t seen since we left and so we celebrated like nurses do. On the dance floor. It was Anna’s birthday so we headed out to Crest which had a roof top bar. It was overwhelming, but we definitely had a good time.
We will post soon about our hospital experiences and our wonderful time at Mole National Park!

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