Friday, March 8, 2013

Pre-departure Prep - Ghana 2013!

 In order to prepare us for everything we may be faced with while abroad, we have spent this past week in seminars learning about tropical disease and culture shock, discussing ethics surrounding international nursing,  and participating in emergency birth simulations. In a very short time I am sure we will all be in situations that will challenge us to remember not only the teachings from our prep seminars, but also the skills and knowledge we have acquired over these past 4 years.

With our medical supply bags packed and ready, we now only have to worry about fitting all our own personal belongings into our travel packs! T-2 days until departure.

We would love for you to follow us through our adventures and practice experiences via this blog spot. All group members will be contributing throughout the trip and would love to hear your feed back and questions through the comments you can leave below!

:) UBCO Ghana Gals


  1. Have a wonderful adventure all you Ghana Gals!!!

  2. Dear UBC Okanagan Student Nurses,

    As you head out to Ghana alng with Muriel and with Wade as your trusty health clinic builder, I and all of the faculty back home are wishing you every good thing on this life changing journey. We know you will return with a new lens on life and on nursing - and we cannot wait to hear the rich stories you will have to share. Safe travels,and we will follow your blog with great anticipation,

    Tricia Marck, Director, School of Nursing