Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Ghana Girls- Christina, Kyla, Nicole & Samaya

We are 2 weeks away from leaving Canada and heading off to Ghana! On behalf of the Ghana group I know we are all very excited to go and complete our last nursing practicum. We have had a few meetings to go over things and prepare. Our instructor Jeanette has been very helpful and supportive especially with all of our questions. Just last week all of us volunteered for the Global School House Event. This event actively engaged elementary school children in regards to issues in developing countries. The children gained a global perspective by "living the experience". It was an amazing opportunity not only for the children, but for us nursing students as well. Below are links to check out and see what work was done! During these next 2 weeks we will be taking part in simulations and labs to prepare us for our departure. I cannot explain the excitement each of us is feeling right now! Each of us hopes to make an impact with the people we encounter during our practicum. Let the packing begin! Thank you for Following out blog and we look forward to updating you all during our time in Ghana!

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