Monday, March 9, 2015

We're on our Way!!!

We've had the most amazing experience, and we're not even in Africa!
We all flew out of Kelowna this afternoon and were treated like royalty.  Pat, our Air Canada ticket agent put all our bags through.  Yes all 10 of them....5 of them overweight....and 2 VERY overweight (those were mine).  She printed our boarding passes right through to Accra, and our luggage will meet us there. We don't have to pack those bags through ANY airports.  We don't have to clear security, we don't really have to do anything other than show up for our flights!  Life is good.

Pat is indeed an angel.  We're going to bring her something back from Ghana.

Here we are at Vancouver airport, just waiting for the flight to London.

Jeanette and the Ghana Girls 2014.


  1. Dear UBCO Ghana Nursing Team,

    I am late finding your blog this year, so you may be reading this en route, or more likely, sometime after you arrive in Ghana. If the latter is the case, you may have already met our wonderful colleague Dr. Vida Yakong, and begun your life-changing experience of global health nursing practice. You have great mentors in Jeanette and Vida, and you will meet more mentors in health equity, social justice, resilience, and perseverance over the coming weeks in so many of the Ghanain people you meet.

    I wish for all of you a transformative journey as you complete the home stretch of your nursing program in this unique, challenging way. I look forward to reading your reflections on your time in Ghana, and I will check in regularly to see how you are doing.

    Take care of each other, and learn and grow together,

    Tricia Marck, Director, School of Nursing

  2. Good Luck (2015?!) Ghana Girls and Janette!

    I am looking forward to following along on your adventure and learnings through your blog! Talk to everyone and brace yourselves for the bumpy sweaty tro-tro rides, and marriage proposals that are to come!

    Keep your minds open, embrace differences, and enjoy every minute!

    Robyn (and all the other 2013 Ghana Gals in spirit!)