Monday, March 27, 2017

The Shekhinah Clinic

All of us had the opportunity to spend two days volunteering at the Shekhinah Clinic in Tamale. This clinic was started by Dr David Abdulai who was the only child of eleven to survive from malnutrition and poverty. He dedicated his life to helping the poor and destitute through his food program (which began in 1992) and medical clinic. The clinic is run entirely by volunteers and depends on "divine providence" to continue.  All services are absolutely free. The clinic experienced a devastating loss this year as their beloved Dr. David passed away, yet the work continues.

We each spent a day working in the clinic, and another day working with the men and women who provide and deliver the lunches for the homeless mentally ill population of Tamale. We were amazed that this hot lunch program has not missed a day since it began 24 years ago because Dr. Abdulai was adamant, up to his death, that "the stomach knows no holiday."

The medical clinic consists of the outpatient clinic, laboratory, pharmacy, small operating theater and housing which is mostly occupied by mentally ill and HIV infected community members. All of the services provided are completely free of charge and the only request of the staff is that those who are physically able lend a hand cooking and cleaning.

The Operating Theatre Crew
Being at this clinic was truly inspiring for all of us. Each of the staff members, including Dr Abdulai's wife, share his passion and work tirelessly to keep his dreams alive. We felt very humbled by the community spirit and generosity that is clearly present at this clinic. It is difficult to convey the overwhelming emotion and selflessness that we experienced working alongside these volunteers, most of whom have duties and responsibilities outside of the clinic. Like Dr Abdulai, they demonstrated a "never ending work of love and service for humanity."

Jeanette and Maggie were able to share a generous donation from home with the staff. This $1000 CAD will keep the food program running for months.  Everyone was very grateful.  Divine Providence in action!

To date, this was one of the most rewarding experiences that we have encountered during our time in Ghana and we feel very privileged to have been a part of the Shekhinah Clinic.

Posted by Carmen Morgan, Danielle DeYagher, Rebecca Ellis & Mikaela Noble

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