Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Konge-Logre Clinic

The Logre Team 
The Amanda's and Mikaela had the pleasure of working at the Kongo-Logre Clinic last week. This clinic runs several programs such as, antenatal care, child welfare screening, and an ART (antiretroviral therapy) clinic throughout the week. During our time there we were able to participate in the antenatal clinic which included maternal assessments and monitoring of the babies growth. We encountered a complicated situation where a mother was struggling with breastfeeding and engorgement. We were quick to notice that this situation was being handled much differently than what we are familiar with in Canada. They were using an alternative method to express breast milk which was causing the mother a great deal of discomfort. A few minutes in to the procedure, the midwife asked us what we would do at home. Upon discussion, we realized that the protocol we would follow at home was not able to translate directly to this culture and context, and therefore were able to collaborate with the staff to find the best solution for the mother with the resources that were available. We really enjoyed all that we learned during our time at the antenatal clinic.
The child welfare clinic was also an experience we were grateful to be a part of. We assessed growth and development, immunization status, nutrition, and general health screening. We were quick to dive right into the hands-on work and were thankful that the nurses and midwives were so eager to teach and encourage us.

Our last day was spent at the ART clinic, which was started and is predominately run by the midwife we had the pleasure to get to know so well over the week, "Mama B." Her passion for the clinic was very apparent in the care and follow up with every HIV positive individual. Assessment, counselling, and medical treatment is provided on a weekly basis. When barriers to accessing necessary treatment were apparent, mama B would go above and beyond to deliver medication and counselling to each individual who needed it.

Overall we found this experience very humbling and inspiring and we will use all that we have learned in our future practice. 

Posted by Amanda McCrate, Amanda March & Mikaela Noble

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