Thursday, April 17, 2014

Adventures in Enchi

It has been anther beautiful week here in tropical Enchi. Our days consist of Nana breakfasts, clinic work, long walks to town with friends and nights at the Madiba with our new international pals. Our hearts are full.

Last week we did well baby clinics in the surrounding towns. We spent our time weighing babies from beams and trees. We found that most of the children were in the healthy weight range which was fantastic.

Last weekend we visited a cocoa farm and spent some time learning about cocoa and palm wine. As usual we were not sure what we were getting into... we ended up hiking up a mountain side in dresses and flip flops. Although, it was not what we expected we had an amazing day.  On Sunday we worshipped at the Presbyterian church for Palm Sunday... For four hours!

We have enjoyed our time here and will be heading back to Tamale on the 4 am Metro tomorrow morning (that's right not a trotro... Yay!!). Hope this blog post finds everyone well.

Love and light,

Enchi mamas <3 br="">

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