Tuesday, April 29, 2014

All Good Things Must Come to an End...

We can hardly believe that our Ghana adventure is soon coming to a close! Our group reunited in Tamale on April 18 after returning from our rural experiences.  On the weekend we attended Megan and Sinbad's traditional wedding, complete with elaborate dresses and amazing cultural dancing. Congratulations you two!! On the 21st we completed our final nursing seminar by sharing what we've learned through our time in Ghana. That afternoon we also wrapped up out degrees with our very last Performance Appraisal Forms. Yay! We are officially real nurses!

Today we arrived in Accra after a glorious vacation on the beach. We spent 5 days swimming, basking in the sun, surfing, and enjoying time with each other. Tomorrow we will all head our  separate directions, either home or to continue travelling. It has been an indescribable adventure, full of beauty, heartache, laughter, tears, and countless new experiences. Although we are eager to get back to our beloved Canada (which we appreciate more than ever now) a piece of our hearts will always be in Ghana. Thank you Muriel for guiding us along this life-changing journey. And thanks family and friends for your much appreciated support and love, you got us through this crazy and memorable adventure.

Lots of love,

~ 2014 Ghana girls

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