Monday, April 7, 2014

Update from the Bolga girls (April 7,2014)

Hello family, friends and followers.

A big hello from Michelle and Beth in Bolga, we are giving Sam a rest after spending so much effort on that last detailed blog post. Two days ago we left our Tamale family and split up into small groups. In Bolga our new little family consists of Michelle, Sam, Bonnie, Kym and Beth. We cannot forget about the new additions, John who is the caretaker of the guest house we were able to stay at and his little puppy Gods Love, aka "Jerry." We have been exploring our new hometown and meeting many wonderful people along the way. Bolga has given us one of the warmest welcomes yet and we feel very at home here. Today was our first day at the hospital, where we met Florence our contact and many of the hospital and nursing school staff. We will be spending our first week in between the clinic and labor and delivery, and the next week will be teaching in the nursing school. You can expect many more details to come. Although we are missing our friends and family back home and also In Ghana we are looking forward to the experiences and beauty waiting ahead. Until next time,

The Bolga gals

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