Sunday, April 12, 2015

Collaboration with Women in Distress (COLWOD)

On our first day in Tamale while running errands, Vida brought us to a quaint shop called COLWOD( which stands for collaboration with women in distress). Right away we noticed all of the beautiful fabrics, bags, and paintings that adorned the small space. As we were busy stocking up on gifts for our friends and families, the ladies working there provided us with the history behind their shop. It is a charity organization that was founded in 1995 by a Canadian woman from Toronto, to help abandoned women. Through teaching them various skills such as sewing, tie-dye, and other crafts, they have enabled them to regain a sense of independence and dignity. We were all incredibly touched by the history behind the store, and felt it was such a worthwhile cause (not that we needed much encouragement to purchase items- all of our hands were full!) During our stay in Tamale we returned to the shop numerous times. We all purchased 2 yards of fabric to take home as 'baby wraps' (fabric that the women here use to tie their babies on their backs). We are excited to use them and show our friends and families how to carry your baby 'Africa' style! Additionally, through speaking with the onsite seamstress, we were able to make a prototype for a pair of scrubs! We each picked out our individual fabrics and got our measurements taken. Four days later we were presented with our very own custom made scrubs! We are all so excited to proudly wear them while working in the hospitals in Canada! 

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