Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Update on the Okanagan Community Clinic - Never Underestimate the Impact of our Students

I wanted to add an update to the Okanagan Community Clinic blog.  When we first arrived at the Okanagan Community Clinic in Nyobok, Vida shared that it had been officially turned over to the Ghana Health Service in November.  They had 1 Community Health Nurse, and were not anticipating any more recruits for several months.

Then....the power of our students kicked in....

They set-up, organized, collaborated with Philemon (the 1 nurse at the clinic) to provide screening for 339 community members.  Right in the middle of it, Mary, the District Nursing Supervisor for Ghana Health Service arrived with her team to witness this incredible demonstration of community engagement.  Within a day, I was down in their office discussing the relationship and long-term commitment our UBCO community has to this community and clinic.  Mary and her team were very impressed with the work that has been done and the commitment of the community.

And....guess what???

On Monday, the second Community Health Nurse arrived, and on Wednesday, Philemon was joined by a third staff member.   In less than a week the staff at the clinic tripled.   They are anticipating a midwife to be there within 3 months.  Vida's vision of a fully functioning Health Centre is several steps closer.   What an incredible outcome!

All from 4 nursing students and one very committed Community Health Nurse willing to spend 3 long, hot, dusty days seeing every community member that came to be seen.


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