Sunday, April 19, 2015

Update on Mmabil

A Beautiful Smile
While we attended the project GROW presentation in Nyobok, we had the opportunity to see Mmabil
, the young woman that Kyla and Samaya performed the dressing change for. The first thing that we noticed was her smile, and she denied pain when we asked her. This was a big change from the first day we cared for her.  
Additionally, we noticed that she was able to walk without her walking stick, and her gait appeared much steadier. Philemon,  the nurse at the clinic, stated that when he performed the dressing change in the morning it appeared much better, and looked like it was healing well. We were so excited to hear this news, as we were very concerned with the possible outcome. The wound was fairly substantial, and if left for much longer we were concerned that she may have lost her leg. Mmabil doesn't have health insurance, therefore is unable to get further intervention (such as debridement) at a larger healthcare facility. We understood her predicament, and were doing the best we could with the supplies available to assist in her healing process. It was nice to witness the improvement in a few short days, and we are looking forward to hearing updates from Philemon in the future in regards to her progress. We know that she is in good hands!


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