Friday, March 4, 2016

Days for Girls

A big thank you to for creating and donating menstruation kits for girls and women. We were very touched when we learned about this project as menstruation is a huge part of women’s lives worldwide. These kits not only help improve sanitation during women’s menstruation cycle, it also creates a sense of empowerment (eg. allowing girls to go to school while menstruating, teaching self-care, pride, etc.). We will have the opportunity to provide teaching before handing these kits out.

Kits last up to 3 years. All kits come in a drawstring bag and include:
-          Moisture barrier shields (shields are leak-proof because of a moisture proof liner called PUL)
-          8 absorbent tri-fold pads
-          Washcloth
-          1 bar of soap
-          2 pairs of panties
-          Visual instruction sheet
-          Large Ziplock bag to carry soiled pads and launder them

A completely sustainable project, and we are so excited to be involved. 

Ghana Girls

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  1. It's so great to have you involved in this project. It is such a natural fit for nurses and young women in rural Ghana to come together and share knowledge and experience. Looking forward to hearing all about it in your blog. Such great work you're doing!!
    Jean Bryans, UBCO Primary Health Nurse.