Sunday, March 20, 2016

So You Think You Can Dance?

 March 19, 2016

Today was one of those days where you can't quite explain through words just how amazing this world is. A few words to describe the rush of feelings: joy, bliss, spontaneity, laughter, appreciation, and love.

Tamale Cultural Troupe
We had the privilege to watch a performance of cultural dances by The Tamale Cultural Troupe, a number of whom come from the Chanshegu village. The performance was at the Tamale Cultural Centre and organized by one of our local connections and dear friend, Kassim.
Go Jeanette!

While the stage was simple, a concrete pad, the dancers and musicians enveloped our attention. Their energy and enthusiasm was contagious. Many of us found ourselves dancing in our seats, with grins plastered on our faces. It was plain to see how meaningful dance and music is to the Ghanaian culture by the crowd that gathered when the music started.

The dancers further welcomed us into their culture when they individually invited us up on stage to learn a move or two, and finished their performance by gathering us all again for a group dance. While us nurses think we can bust a move, it is nothing compared to the talent of these Ghanaian people.

Great-Great-Grandmother of Kassim
On our way to Kassim's house
What further enhanced the day was having the honour of being introduced to five generations of Kassim's family including; his great grandmother, grandmother, mother, and his baby niece. We feel so privileged to be welcomed into such an intimate piece of their culture.

If today was a preview of what the next three weeks hold for us, we may have to be forced onto the plane home.

- Paige Bunbury, Alyssa Sand, Kelsey McDonald and Madi Phemister

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