Wednesday, March 23, 2016

From Classroom to Monsoon!

March 22, 2016

Community Health Nurses' Training College
Today we had the opportunity to teach the importance of Relational Practice to fellow students. We began at the Community Health Nurses' Training College and then later in the afternoon we presented to the University of Developmental Studies Midwife students.. It was an amazing experience where we got to share what we have learned with other students and teach a subject we view as important in Canada. We had a short PowerPoint presentation that we taught in an outdoor auditorium and finished the presentations with questions. This was an awesome experience that blended cultures and curriculum to forward the nursing profession in regards to Global Health. We were able to share that the foundation of nursing is relational practice. Nursing is never done in isolation and it is important to be able to build strong
relationships  with patients, colleagues, families and friends. We also had the opportunity to be toured around The University for Developmental Studies. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences between a university in a low resource country compared to our own.

UDS Midwifery Students
After a long day of teaching we came back to the guest house to find the power out, which is pretty common. Normally a power outage isn't a big problem, but in 40 degree weather, with nothing to cool us down but a fan (run by power) we were melting into a pool of our own sweat. After laying in the heat praying for some relief, our prayers were answered by a thunderstorm! So we excitedly embraced it, and danced in the monsoon. It was amazing how our moods changed so fast. It was an awesome way to cool down and live in the moment! 
Caught in the Monsoon

By: Alyssa Sand, Kelsey McDonald, Melanie Hameluck, Mairi Horth, Madi Phemister and Paige Bunbur

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