Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to Tamale, and the end of Enchi! By Katrina Davis

We finished up our last few days in Enchi, they were beautiful, after a few very difficult days working in the enchi government hospital we returned to the clinic on wednesday :) I worked in maternity again although no babies that day :(, we took wednesday afternoon off and went to the local market, we were very tired and enjoyed it immensly. the local physicians assistant Patrick made fun of us the next day he said we left for lunch and stayed for dinner :) Phillomena had given us some avacados and we bought wholewheat bread, cheese, tomato and onion and made the best damn sandwiches i have ever eaten in life, or at least it felt like it!! Thursday I worked in the lab and dispensary and friday phillomena arranged for us to go to Cote D'Ivoire (aka Ivory Coast) :) Ghanas neighbour country, which in a way is a little illegal because we only had a one entry visa for Ghana but she got a letter from the Ghanian embassy and hired an embassy worker to escort us into Cote D'Ivoire. She said it was just 20 minutes drive, turns out it is actually 2-3 hours. It was an incredible drive through the thick jungle on a one way dirt road with lots of mud. On our way we arrived at an accident scene where someone was really hurt, we carried her to the truck and brought her to the nearest clinic in Dubi, Cote D'Ivoire (the only town we had permission to enter), from there she needed to be transferred to a hospital so we got her to another vehicle to take her there. then we wandered around the town and through the lovely market and then went home. Our language was useless there no one spoke Twi or English, mostly french and other african languages. which made it extra cute when the little kiddies waved and yelled "au revior". On our way back we all rode in the box of the truck and by the time we got home i was truly the dirtiest i have ever been, which is saying alot because this africa trip has made me incredibly dirt covered and stinky on a regular basis. when we got home we had a snack and Phillomenas house (bananas pineapple and minerals(aka pop)) and then went home to prepare for our going away football (soccer) game. The manager from our hotel joined us, presby clinic staff and some local children. After the game we went back to Baccus lodge for our going away dinner, joined by phillomena, patrick, aguuri, soloman and frances. it was sooo greAT! We left the next morning very early about 3 am and safely arrived in Tamale, after a 13 hour travelling day. We arrived to 46 degrees relaxed and went to sleep. Justin and I walked downown on sunday and then joined cherie and tara at the pool. let me tell you on a 40 something degree day the pool feels incredible!! in fact we all enjoyed it so much that we didnt realize we were burning, all healed up my the morning though (sory mom and dad) lol. Today monday we did an orientation of Tamale teaching hospital where we will be working for the next 2 weeks. I will be working in the childrens emergency, neonatal intensive care unit and the pediatric ward, days filled with babies and kids Very very exciting and will no doubt be extremely difficult, none the less I am very much looking forward to it! Today we visited the cultural center, had lunch at sparkles :) and did some great shopping!! we then visited the grocery store and that takes me to now. It should be a great week! and then this weekend we head to Mole National Park for the weekend to safari and see all of the elephants, lions, antelopes etc etc etc, Very exciting. Well thats all for now.
We are halfway through our journey and will be home in three weeks, wow how time flies,
love and miss you all soo much excited to see you soon,

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