Saturday, February 13, 2010

Enchi!! by Katrina Davis

Hello all, Justin , Cherie, Tara and I are loving Enchi :)Enchi is in the rainforest it is so beautiful, there is jungle and dirt roads everywhere. We have seen many spiders and cockroaches and apparently will probably see a few snakes (which honestly I am not looking forward to)
Phillomena (aka Mama) has been a very gracious host!! She is a nurse and a midwife that is running the clinic, her generosity and expertise has been soo very appreciated!
We are working with her in the Presbyterian Health Clinic with many other very nice staff members. We have beautiful accomodations at Bacchus lodge where we have been so spoiled. The manager Ritchie has been incredible to us, he gave us a very very good price and is currently letting me use his computer and internet key to write you this little message!! We are definately the only white people in town (population 8000) and therefore recieve sooo much attention. Everone is very very friendly and the local men have been asking phillomena if they can marry us (her daughters) :)haha of course she politely tells them no, although the other day she offered to give justin to a group of girls lol.
I have had amazing learning expereinces here. I assisted phillomena with two deliveries one boy and one girl both very happy and beautiful children :) Yesterday I went out to a tiny willage for a child health day, we gave vaccinations and weighed babies from a sling hanging from a groundnut tree. The other day I spent at the clinic with patrick the local doctor in the consulting room we seen about 70 patients. We have had the opportunity to meet the mayor and the director of health services for the area they have both been very welcoming and already invited us back. Today we are enjoying a beautiful day off and waiting for muriels arrival. At 4pm we have a football (soccer) game planed with the staff from the clinic and i would imagine some of the locals. Tomorrow we are accompanying Phillomena to church, I am very excited to go and see what it will be like. Many people in Ghana are very religious and I think it is a very important experience to understand more of the culture. Everyday in the clinic at about 830 they say their morning prayers and sing, it is a very beautiful thing to hear and amazing to see how much it means to them. Monday and tuesday we will be working at the local hospital. I am very excited for that too!! Hopefully some more baby expereiences. I think Ive caught baby fever, hopefully i will be better before i get home haha. Im not sure what else to say all in all it continues to be an amazing experience. Multiple times throughout the day I am amazed by the beauty of things here, I am so blessed to be on this journey! Love and miss you all, see you soon xoxoxo
love katrina

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