Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 7 i think?? whos counting, Im on Ghana time!! by katrina davis

We enjoyed the rest of our time in cape coast and then travelled to kumasi (which for the record is sooo beautiful and may be my favorite!!) but we will see. In kumasi we went to the central market, it was so incredible!! They sell literally everything, I loved it!! Then we went to the kings palace and museum and learned about the Ashanti tribe. The next day we travelled to tamale where we are currently. it is very smoky here and very hot (about 40 degrees) , but i still love it very much!! Today we visited three small villages :) it was amazing. I seen what true poverty looks like and it was heartbreaking, the crazy thing is they all work so hard and appreciate so much even though they have very little. I learned so much. We met the cheif of a village. I made a clay pot and helped make shea butter, watched a lady make cotton string and went for a moped ride. We did some tribal dancing it was so much fun!! and yes unfortunately for me there is video of this event haha cant wait for you to see it. The language we learned on the beginning of our trip is useless in the north they speak a different language all together. it is so interesting here and I am learning so much. We ate pete pete for dinner tonight (mashed yams!!-delicious!!!) and sprite. I was definately the dirtiest that i have been so far in life today and i loved every minute of it. Thankfully we had running water when we got back to the catholic guest house and i had a wonderful shower. we dont always have power and or running water, its ge\reat! I will appreciate it all so much when i get back home.i am truly enjoying doing my laundry by hand. I am so excited to go to Enchi on sunday. we will be there for the next two weeks!!
I have so much in my journal but didnt bring it with me to the internet cafe.....hmmm Muriels son Sinbad, has been amazing he helps us so much. Tomorrow we are going to his village outside of tamale and then he is taking us dancing!!!.

I bought a clay pot today for 70 cents canadian, pop is about 70 cents, i bought 13 oranges for 70 cents, i bought a pineapple and a loaf of bread for 1.40. everything is about 70 cents haha not really but many things. our accomodations cost about 8.50 cedis (about 6$) per night. food has been really good!!

fan milk is so good its like ice cream that comes in a bag, incredible!! Also pineapple Fanta mmmm mmm mmm!!

the fake wedding ring thing works very well here, men will ask for my phone number or where i am staying or to come back to canada with me lol and i just politely say i have a husband and show them the ring, it works perfectly!

Stay tuned for more adventures....
See you all soon
Hugs and love xoxoxoxoxo

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