Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Chaos in Kumasi

We are in Kumasi. It's our final stop before Tamale where we will be settled for a while. Kumasi is considered to be the biggest shopping marketplaces around this area. It literally seems chaotic while you walk the streets. The streets are full, everyone walking in different directions and trying to sell you something. It only took Jill, Kim, Erin, Shawna, Lauren and I five minutes before we felt overwhelmed by the chaos. The streets are hard to cross as here there are no rules to the road. The only thing used to merge, turn right or left is the good old car horn. We needed to cross the street once we arrived at the market and let's just say it's sketchy to do so. Pedastriens are not the priority and they will not stop for you. Kim tried crossing only to have us yelling at her to run faster across the road because one big van was going to hit her. She did just that. We have it all on tape so you all can experience this chaos. We all tried to take pictures in the market today but people were not to happy with us. When a camera comes out it usually comes along with people yelling at you to put it away even in extreme cases they hit you which is every understandable because we wouldn't want our picture taken. After this extravaganza we went to the king's palace.

The Kings palace is a place where the leader of the Ashanti tribe lives. The leader is the King. We learned the history of how the King and the Ashanti tribe came about. It was a very interesting learning experience although the king was indeed at the palace we did not meet him, sadly. Apparently, he is a nice and handsome man says the locals.

So, Mr.Malorone(malaria propholaxis) hasn't been my friend on this trip. He causes me to feel like I am on a boat. I sway side to side with him, we move up and down together. He pretty much doesn't like to come off sea and dock the boat. So for me we just keep moving. One day on this trip he will dock the boat and I will be able to get off, till that day comes he has become my best friend.

We are off to Tamale tomorrow which is another 6 hour bus ride(if we are lucky) from Kumasi. Here(some of us)will be able to settle for a couple of weeks before we have to head to more rural places. Some of us will leave to rural places after a couple days in Tamale. I can't wait to be able to be settled. Anyways, this is all for now.

-Jaimee Musial <3

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