Friday, February 5, 2010

Justin's experience so far...

I never knew how good a cold drink could taste! It's been an incredibly eye opening experience so far in Ghana. We've braved the streets of Accra in a taxi cab... there doesn't seem to be any street laws here and people use a "honking" system and weave in and out of traffic. (mom don't read this next part) I can see now why traffic accidents are one of the biggest killers of tourists in this country. We've REALLY learned to barter. The first taxi ride when we got here cost us 40 US dollars (granted they drove us around for over an hour looking for our hotel because NOBODY knows where anything is in any town) and we've come down to 1-3 Ghana Cedis (about 0.5-2 dollars Canadian) for a decent taxi ride. Anyways, I digress. We've traveled from the capital Accra to Cape Coast and visited the slave castles and walked over the rain forest canope on a rope bridge. Slept in a nice hotel that had resident crocodiles that swam under and around the restaurant ( I have some killer photos). Next we traveled to Kumasi and walked through one of the largest open markets in the world. Slightly overwhelming to say the least. But everyone just wanted to introduce themselves and learn our names and where we were from. We definitely stood out in a crowd LOL. From there we've landed here in Tamale and visited numerous traditional mud-hut villages where we made Shea butter, learnt how to weave cotton, and make clay pottery... Oh and we've seen some amazing Ghanian dancing. I tried it out myself, but apparently white men can't dance. Who knew?
Tomorrow we leave for Kumasi again and from there Enchi for two weeks to begin out actual practicum. I guess that means down to business. I've loved doing the tourist thing, but am excited to actually start working with the community to hopefully make some sort of difference here. It's hard to understand the depth of need in every community we've visited. What amazes me is that everyone is so happy, loves life, and loves to dance and sing.
Anyways, Katrina is hungry and we have to eat something before she keels over. I Love you and miss you all back in Canada.
Hopefully write something soon, but apparently the power situation is sketchy over in Enchi.
For now,

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