Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Big Hello From Kaleo/Wa

April - Kaleo/Wa

Well we have separated into our smaller clinical groups so this message is from Lisa, Jessica, Kristen, and Crystal. We are currently sitting with our friends in Wa after finishing another day at the Immaculate Conception Health Centre in Kaleo. On Saturday morning (at 330 a.m.!) we went to the bus station to start our journey to the Upper West region of Ghana. Goodbye luxury buses, hello 7.5 hours on a bumpy road. We all looked much worse for wear when we arrived in Wa, but we were so happy to see our friend Hassan and meet another new friend Kamal. Hassan showed us around Wa and we were thrilled to buy some groceries for ourselves and explore the local market. After a short ride we were at our new home for the next two weeks. We met Sister Edith who showed us our new digs. We have a fridge!!!!! And a propane cook stove!!!! This is so exciting for us as it gives us some freedom to cook for ourselves.

The next morning we headed off to the local Catholic Church for morning mass. We love the colourful culture here, the clothes, the music, the buildings - it's all beautiful.

It is now Thursday and we've had a full week. We're making friends with the staff at the clinic. They love our afternoon popcorn breaks (we pop a pot before heading back from lunch break). We've also been lucky enough to see some babies being born- the count is at 2 so far . Sister Edith is liberal with her praise and says we are excellent assistants :)

We are hoping to head off to a hippo reserve this weekend and are looking forward to a visit from Muriel on Sunday. We'll keep in touch, bye for now!!

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