Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another Ghanaian Birthday

April 5th - Tamale

Well we had another birthday in Tamale. Crystal joined Megan in her 30's! Her birthday was actually on Thursday but we had a full day so we decided to celebrate on Friday.

We had our last day at TTH in the morning and had fun giving donations and treats to the units. Afterwards we did some last minute running around in Tamale before heading over to a pool with a few of our local friends. Crystal had her favourite birthday cake to date - a bunch of dough balls (like donuts) covered in Nutella and pineapple, all served on a plastic bag! We had so much fun splashing around and trying to teach our friends to swim.

Afterwards Wade took us all out for dinner as it was our last night all together. Most of us have had dresses made for us so we took a bunch of group photos which we can hopefully post later on.

One last night of dancing at the rooftop club and then it was off to home to do some last minute packing and say some goodbyes. We're all excited to head out to some smaller sites but we'll all miss each other until we meet again in Bolga in two weeks.

The adventure continues!

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