Monday, April 15, 2013

Football, Feasting, and a Deworming Frenzy!

April 4, 2013 - Tamale

On our second last day in Tamale, the Chanshegu village and a neighbouring village played a lively and entertaining football match in our honour. This match was arranged to represent the growing peace and unity between these two villages, as the health clinic that we have fundraised for and that Wade is helping to construct will be used by both villages. We truly appreciated their sweet gesture, especially since some of the players had just finished a long and hot day of building bricks for this very clinic.

Before the game, we took the challenge of deworming the approximate 150 Chanshegu village children, as it was difficult to communicate to them that the medication was not candy and that everyone was to receive one tablet only. Thinking of the big picture, Robyn also brought deworming medication for the dogs that roam the main compounds where the villagers eat and sleep.

After speeches were made and handshakes were exchanged, we waved good-bye to all the children running after our vehicles before grabbing some tasty Ghanaian street food in town for a potluck dinner at the guesthouse. Another fun filled day!

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