Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hello again from Jessica, Kristen, Lisa, and Crystal

Right now we are sitting outside waiting for some water to boil over an open fire. It's twilight, the crickets are chirping, and we can hear cattle in the distance. We're revelling in the fact that we're not sweating and are also excited that the clouds have cleared - we should have a great view of the stars tonight.  We are in Wechiau at one of the two hippo sites in Ghana. Earlier this morning we hopped into a tro tro and headed off on an adventure. There was no phone number for the tourist centre so we decided to wing it. Sure enough as soon as we stepped off the tro tro a man came and showed us to the visitor centre. We met our guide Luuta and headed off in a motorking to the hippo reserve. We've been wanting to ride in a motorking since we arrived and today our dream came true! It's like a motorbike with a trailer attached and you ride in the back. We were smiling and laughing the whole way. We headed down to the Black Volta river and got into a canoe for our journey upriver. We were on the hunt for hippos! And we were successful!! We got to sit and watch 10+ hippos bathing in the river. They were a bit shy and never fully emerged from the water but it was still so fun. I think it's the most peaceful place we've been to yet. It's lush and green here as we're hitting the beginning of the rainy season.  Once we're done cooking our gourmet dinner of instant noodles, we'll be heading back to the river and settling in for a night in the trees. We're going to be sleeping on platforms and hoping to hear some hippos having their dinner below us. We'll let you know how it goes!

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