Thursday, April 4, 2013

Water falls and Kirsten falls!

March 24- Kintempo

On Sunday we headed off to Kintempo Falls which is about three hours away. It's always a balancing act when we go on trips as its so hot and we need to drink water, but also having to pee on bumpy roads is no fun :).

We arrived at the falls which looked like chocolate milk from all the rain the day before. It was a blast for the first five minutes but then we lost Kirsten to the slippery rocks. Initially we thought she meant to go sliding down and were all cheering, but then she took out Marisa and came up holding her chin. She got a nasty gash on it but what better company to be in. We put our nursing skills to practice and patched her up in no time. We had a picnic there and got to meet some of the other Ghanaians that were there. It was fun to meet some people who had heard about the falls all their lives but were just now getting a chance to visit.

Shortly before we left we had yet another chance to fix somebody up. A man cut his thumb on a can so we nursed him up and made him keep his arm elevated. It was cute to see him with his hand in the air while playing around in the water.

We had an overall relaxing day but were happy to see our "home" and hit the hay after our long day traveling and in the sun.

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