Thursday, April 4, 2013

Christmas in March

March 23, Chanshegu Village

Saturday we travelled back to Chanshegu to deliver small gift bags to each of the orphans (37in all) each bag was hand made with bright fabric by (Jess's mom) and consisted of a book, toothbrush, tooth paste, underwear, candy (which they have never heard of) and skipping rope for girls and a dinosaur for the boys. Sinbad organized the boys and girls so we could easily pass out the bags. In the beginning they were just so excited to receive the bag that we had to demonstrate exploring the bag and that there were more fun things inside. Once the kids caught on the excitement elevated ; looking at animal picture books and reading out the animal names, bouncy ball dribbling, and skipping rope tricks. It was so much fun spending the afternoon with the children and watching them enjoy their goodies.

The chief of the village has asked for these orphans to specifically receive these gifts, helping them to feel special and valued as they are taken in by other families and often don't receive these things of their own. It is inspiring to see this sense of unity in the community and we were happy to play a small part!

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