Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dr. Abduli's Health Clinic

April 2, Tamale

This week Muriel gave us a treat. We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Abdullai, a local Ghanaian doctor who runs two clinics here in Tamale (you can find his website at He did some of his training in England but returned to Ghana to serve his people. We had heard so much about him but, as Rose so fittingly said, you just know he's someone special when you're in his presence.

We were all invited into the operating theatre and got to watch him perform numerous hernia repairs. He starts and finishes each surgery with a private prayer for the patient. Not being one to draw attention to himself, he quietly signs the cross over the surgical site. He explained to us that all the people who work at his clinics believe in the divine.

We haven't mentioned yet that all the clinic staff work for free. They rely entirely on donations and have learned to live with the assurance that what they need will be provided. We were privileged enough to be a part of this provision. Some of the staff were smiling as they unpacked the donations we brought. They had needed a specific item for that day but did not have it in stock. One of the nurses wanted to go and buy it but the other one said that it would come. Sure enough, not a day too early or late, the item came.

They run multiple programs through their clinics and provide everything completely for free. There are huts on the clinic grounds for surgical patients to recover in. They also focus on caring for people with mental illnesses as they are neglected by the health care system here. We could go on and on about all the wonderful things but to sum it up, we really saw love in action this week. It is an experience we will never forget ( especially because we got to wear scrub shorts and flip flops in the OR!)

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